Lucien Engelen
Lucien Engelen
Director Radboud REshape & Innovation Center
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Lucien Engelen (1962) has worked since 2007 at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre as Head of the regional acute healthcare network. He also advises the Board in terms of changes in healthcare enhancing the participation of the patients and their informal care in their own disease, working towards raising the level of participation in Health(care), research and education. He is initiator and leader of the Radboud REshape & Innovation Center, that follows trends, creates healthcare innovations fast paced into practice, or concludes them as (for the moment) not implementable.

His motto : stop talking, start doing with Patients Included. Lucien was selected as one of the 150 world influencers to blog on Linkedin’s Today page : . Patients want to be part of their own disease again.”: He often lays out in his presentations.

Working on the innovations and changes needed in healthcare to cope with this developments, is part of his daily practice under the REshape-program of Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, including research he initiated and leads on the level of e-health (empowered health in hís definition) More on that in video :

He initiated the movement Compassion for Care, together with students of the IFSMA (International Federation of Medical Students Association) i.e. to support medical students to change educational system to embrace participatory healthcare.